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The guitarist and singer Junior Mack is from New Jersey. His influences range from the soul music of Sam Cooke to the blues of the Allman Brothers. The musical universe of Gregg Allman guides him throughout his career. He is often invited to accompany his idol or members of his immediate entourage: Dickey Betts, Derek Trucks or Jaimoe, the legendary drummer and founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, with whom he played in the Jaimoe's Jasssz Band.

Today, Junior Mack is part of the Harlem Blues Project; he is the guitarist of the Heritage Blues Orchestra. Gospel, soul and, of course, the blues, whether from Chicago or the South, are the musical genres that are close to the heart of these musicians.

With Blind B. and The Visionaires, Junior Mack is deeply rooted in the roots of American musical culture, while distilling a blues that respects traditions but is equally forward-looking.

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